The AWAY Collection offers a portfolio of luxury and unique rental properties handpicked from around the globe.

The collection has been curated by Total Management Travel with three main objectives: to seek out the most unique and beautiful properties in the most desirable and spectacular destinations and to provide an exemplary booking experience, ensuring each client has every inch of their trip tailored relevant to their individual requirements.

From chalets in Switzerland to villas and houses in St Barths, Tuscany, English Countryside, Into the Wild Reserves and Off the Radar Retreats, our collection showcases our exclusive selection of properties in the world’s most coveted and unique destinations.

Our range of properties have been collated and selected for their unique architecture and design, their heritage and history or simply their locations in arguably the most breath taking spots in the world.

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Our collections provide a wealth of choice, whether it is family friendly, private islands, tuscan treasures, or urban stay properties.




Browse our selection of the most desirable and unique destinations from around the globe waiting to be explored.