If you are planning your next holiday, the Mediterranean landscape of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site will leave you mesmerised.

Read below for a snapshot of this picturesque Italian location.

Deemed one of Italy’s most memorable destinations, the Amalfi Coast remains an intriguing place full of sophistication and simplicity. Running from Punta Campanella to Salerno, there are endless places to discover, including the picturesque hilltop towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Wind your way through narrow roads overlooking seaside cliffs, stopping off at countless traditional towns and villages on your way. Hidden beneath the soaring cliffs are some of the best beaches in Italy. Alongside the best known sandy stretches of coast are a number of secret spots for those looking to experience more privacy and seclusion; some of which can only be reached by boat, others by steep stairs or narrow paths.

The idyllic town of Ravello has its fair share of stunning beaches and is steeped in natural beauty. Home to some of Europe’s best hotels, as well as its world-renowned music festival, this is a destination known for regular annual festivities and celebrations. Further down the coast, the iconic village of Positano, just as spectacular, exudes elegance and extravagance. A long renowned celebrity holiday destination, exuding glamour and splendour, it’s unsurprising that in 1997 UNESCO even named it a World Heritage Site, as an ‘outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape.’

Boasting a mild Mediterranean climate, Amalfi is a year-round destination. Whilst the peak summer months can see the most popular towns get very busy, the quieter alternatives of the beaches of Arienzo and Fornill are also rumored to be some of the best in Positano. Spring is another fantastic time to visit, with the cafes and restaurants throwing open their doors to the sunlight, and the delightful scents of orange blossom and jasmine captivating the first visitors of the season. The beautiful warm weather usually stays right through to October, making the Amalfi Coast a perfect autumn destination.

There is no shortage of fantastic hotels and accommodations on this beautiful stretch of Italian coastline, with something to suit any requirement. One of the Total Management favourites has to be the iconic Belmond Caruso, teetering on the top of the cliff line and just a short cobbled path away from Ravello  town. With roots dating back to the 11th century, the original ivy-clad building didn’t become a hotel until the late 1800s, when it was run as a pensione, drawing Virginia Woolf and later other Bloomsbury types such as Greta Garbo and Jackie Kennedy.

The Belmond group took over the property in 2000 and began a four-year period of renovation, bringing art historians and archaeologists from around the world to ensure the design was completed to the highest standards. Just 50 guest rooms and suites make for an intimate ambience, all reached via marble hallways and stone vaulted ceiling and featuring vine-clad balconies with ocean views, sunny terraces, or private gardens. The interiors are airy and elegant, with hand-picked antique furniture and grand four-poster beds. Within the hotel grounds also lies an infinity edged pool, dramatically suspended between the sky and the sea.

There are four signature restaurants and bars, Ristorante Belvedere being particularly noteworthy with its exclusive terrace, traditional Campania cuisine, and five-star service. Bar Caruso offers an extensive list of innovative cocktails, as well as a wide range of wines, champagnes and the delicious local prosecco of the region. Belmond Caruso is also home to one of the Amalfi Coast’s most exclusive wellness centres, with a range of treatments designed to nourish, such as the Caruso Sensorial Ritual and the Garden Massage.

There are endless things to do and idyllic places to explore on the Amalfi Coast; from action-packed excursions, culinary adventures, historical visits and art exhibitions, the list is endless. To name just a few of the excursions on offer at the Belmond, guests can take trips to explore many of the exclusive secret underground networks in Italy and explore the historic town of Oplontis and the archaeological treasures not normally available to the public. 

A short distance away from the Belmond lies a spectacular trail along the Amalfi Coast that is home to many ancient legends and myths. Guests can hike this path between Agerola and Nocelle and take in the stunning views of the ocean and mountains in the distance before descending the 1,680 steps to the town below.

No trip to the Amalfi Coast is complete without an Ocean expedition across the Mediterranean to the famous Blue Grotto, a sea cave just off the island of Capri.As sunlight passes through the underwater cavity and shines through to the seawater, it creates a blue reflection that illuminates the cavern. A private boat trip from the mainland can get you there within an hour.

Enjoy breathtaking views of secluded bays and deep gorges as the boat winds through the beautifully dramatic landscape of lush green and Mediterranean flora, alongside striking rock formations. Arrive at the Blue Grotto and change to a small rowboat, lying back low along the bottom of your boat to pass through the two metre cave mouth – an adrenaline inducing experience for all! Inside, pass from complete darkness into the sparkling cavern, lit by sparkling azure blue light, meanwhile the sounds of ancient Neapolitan songs sung by the locals echo across the stone walls.

For many years sailors and explorers avoided the stunning spectacle at all costs as local legends told of evil spirits and demons living there. Now a top tourist destination, the Blue Grotto is a must visit for tourists all around the world and the perfect addition for any trip to the Amalfi Coast.